A smackerel of honey at École Leila North

The bees are buzzing at École Leila North Community School with a new urban beekeeping project launched in partnership with BeeProject Apiaries.

The Buzz on Bees in Morinville

Urban beekeeping is now allowed in the Town Morinville. A new bylaw—the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, which came into effect on Jan.

Roots to Harvest presents: An Urban Beekeeping course

Roots to Harvest presents: An Urban Beekeeping course. Things looking a bit different? Nope, you’re not on the wrong site – we’re updating our look …

Alla Design Week di New York il primo Honey Bar

Un progetto internazionale di salvaguardia delle api, Urban Bee Hives, e il primo Honey … All’interno di Green Island è nato Alveari Urbani: Urban Bee Hives, … allo scopo di ripensare a tutto ciò che riguarda il mondo dell’apicoltura.

It’s all about honey and bees in Slovenia

“The interest in beekeeping in Slovenia is rising by the day. … Interestingly, urban beekeeping has become quite popular in the capital, where …